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Packing Label Printing Support Information

 To print the lable through internet has a bit uncomfortable than printing  from standalone software and a little bit setting when the Internet explorrer version. The 7 version of IE need to enable some security setting that will tell in this information.
     To print the label must be done after prepare the delivery data and starting print at the delivery onWay information tab.      


Before print you need to set the label location for 1 page, how many label placed in 1 page. The default values suit for the default paper defined for 6 label on A4 page, you can change these values for printing properly.

Be for start print you need to change the print location to the label location, otherwise it will print all label and setting detail to the paper.

The print preview must change like this

Your must hide the top and bottom title to prevent the unwant title to be printed on the paper and you need to set paper margin for command the text located at the location of paper. From our testting for the 0.35 of left margin and 0.15 for top margin will be printed correctly,  after that you can print now.


You might encounter the problem for using browser IE 7 when starting click to print the error message display like this

To solve this problem you need to config the browser to enable activeX control by following step
1. Select menul `Tool ->Internet Options`


2. Click `Security -> Custom level`


3. Observe some disable about ActiveX controls, this will prevent our starting of printing process. You need to enable it for permit our autometic printing preview working correctly. Click confirm OK when finish.

The is a example when you set to print the 2 label per row and 3 row per page for A4 paper.